Be seen at the right place, the right time, and deliver your message to the right people.


Digital and Marketing. Those two simple words together are the perfect illustration of the phrase ‘the sum of the parts is greater than the whole’; they are the gateway to virtually limitless business success.

Digital Marketing is like an open plain with your business on one side and your revenue goals on the other. Except with a labyrinth between them that rearranges itself intermittently. Small businesses can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of technical terms required to navigate the constantly-shifting online marketing landscape.

Without the dedicated marketing departments of larger companies, successful digital marketing can seem like an unachievable dream. Rawkus Media can offset the balance to allow you to compete on an even playing field.

Concentrate on what you do best while our small business marketing plans navigate the maze for you. From the very basics of SEO content creation for your website, to the addition of supplementary components like blogs to develop an authoritative voice in the industry, and to the creation of inbound marketing campaigns that transform your clients into passionate advertising platforms, the Rawkus Media team has the expertise and experience to reinvent your small business for today’s online marketplace.

Generic advertising is a relic of the past; Rawkus Media campaigns are crafted to appeal to your precise customer demographic, however focused or diverse. This approach is proven to translate into an immediate increase in web visibility, generate more leads and convert a larger proportion of those leads into sales.

Be seen at the right place, the right time, and deliver your message to the right people. With Rawkus Media’s three rights, you can’t go wrong.

Effective SEO

Specialist Knowledge Required

What?? You don’t know each and every one of the approximately 200 individual factors that Google uses to rank websites? Well, guess you are just going to have to put up with terrible rankings for eternity, then.

Or you could put Rawkus Media on the job.

Rawkus Media is a London SEO company that understands the Google's ranking anatomy and does the SEO legwork for you while you concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

GPS For Your Website

Sharing is caring’ is all fine and dandy but sharing SEO techniques between websites is like putting on a clown nose instead of your spectacles because they both go on your face.

The SEO solution that delivers excellent ranking for another website will not necessarily work for yours. Sharing the same SEO approach might not only not have a positive impact, it might even lower your ranking.

Effective SEO

You need a London SEO company that understands your individual business - Rawkus Media’s customised SEO plan will catapult your company onto the local map, the national scene and the global stage.

Our Services

Keyword Research

Keywords are specific terms/phrases on a webpage that correspond to those entered in a search engine. Keywords match a website’s content to a potential customer’s searches. We ascertain the latter and adapt your webpage to capitalise on each relevant search.

On-page Optimisation

Complex algorithms allow search engines to differentiate between quality webpage content and webpages simply stuffed with keywords. There is a fine line between the two, and we walk the tightrope for you.

Content Creation

At Rawkus Media, we do not believe Content is King’; we believe 'Quality Content is King’. Brevity and quality is key. Notice how all these category descriptions explain complex concepts in under 40 words? Your customers want that, too.

High Quality Link building

No website is an island, and one that is part of a link network of reputable websites naturally ranks better. Rawkus Media specialises in creating sophisticated link webs that elevate your ranking immediately and maintain it consistently.

Google Webmaster Tools

Used properly, this powerful set of utilities has the capacity to provide critical information about your website’s online performance. We will tweak it for for your specific requirements and teach you how to interpret the results it delivers.

Google Analytics

Another indispensable toolset for webmasters, Google Analytics tells you all you need to know about your website’s inbound and outbound traffic. With our help, you will be able to use this information to streamline the most effective online business strategy.

Google Optimisation

The pinnacle of SEO today and the foreseeable future, optimisation for Google ensures that your site ranks better, attracts more traffic and, ultimately, converts more sales.

Local Search Optimisation

The SEO firm halfway across the world employs talented individuals just as we do. But they are not privy to the local knowledge we can place at your disposal.

London business? London staff? London perspective?

London SEO Consultancy.

Rawkus Media.